Different Types of Bra That You Can Find

Types of Bra

C-CChicSexyBleuKlein3-copyThe general items for women who want buy sexy lingerie Australia are the panties or the underwear and the bra. However, these two are just a small part of all the categories that you can find in an extensive lingerie shop. Many women don’t realise that there’s more to the world of lingerie than simple panties and bra, and you need to learn all its secrets.

Although there are different categories of bra and not every one of them is adequate for everyday wear, you need to know how to choose them appropriately in case you want to try out something new.

The Adhesive Bra

The adhesive bra also has the name of “stick-on bra”, because it sticks to the breasts and doesn’t have straps. The adhesive bra is made of silicone and can be used as often as you want. Unlike the regular bra, the adhesive bra is not so resistant and has a shorter lifespan. It’s ideal for women that have self-supported breasts, and you can wear them under strapless or backless outfits.

The Bandeau Bra

The bandeau bra is, in fact, a simple piece of cloth that wraps around the breasts. It is less supportive, and it is adequate for young girls who have just started to wear a bra. You can wear it under almost anything, from nightwear to casual wear and even strapless tube tops.

The bandeau bra comes in different materials, like cotton, satin or lace.

The Demi Bra

It’s a beautiful model of a bra that creates a perfect square with the straps. It also has the name of “balconette bra” and women prefer it for dresses and low cut tops.

It doesn’t matter what type of bust you have because it is adequate for everyone. You can find it in different materials, like cotton, satin or polyester.

The Belly Dance Bra

The belly dance bra is something a little more special, and it is designed for those women who perform belly dances. Its design is for offering a better support and coverage and if you plan to wear one, make sure you get a smaller size because these tend to be larger.

The Bridal Bra

The bridal bra is a corset, designed to shape the upper part of the body. It is beautiful and extraordinary, and it helps the woman fit easier into the wedding dress. As it happens with all the corsets, it needs to decrease the volume and to give shape to the overall upper part of the woman who wears it.

The Built-In Bra

If you like to wear tops, you have now the option to choose one with a built-in bra. The built-in bras are very popular today, as they have supportive bra cups on the inside of the tank top or dress. You don’t need to wear an additional Black-Lingerie-psd56514bra with them.

You can find the built-in bra in different materials, like polyester, satin, cotton or a combination of these.

The Cupless Bra

Also known as the shelf bra, the cupless bra tells you exactly what it is – a bra that doesn’t have cups, but only the frames. It is popular in the western countries, and it is usually part of erotic sexy lingerie costumes.

The Convertible Bra

It’s something that many women would love to have, because it has detachable straps that you can rearrange in various ways, depending on your outfit.

You can wear the straps in different ways – crossover the back, with halter neck, you can take out the straps and make the bra strapless, or you can wear only a single strap over one shoulder. It’s ideal for wearing with any dress

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